Support Groups

For Parenting Teens
For Navigating Midlife Challenges

How do support groups work?

The groups I run are process groups, which means that material comes up organically from the members and what they want to express/discuss. The purpose is to express feelings, thoughts and concerns, give and receive constructive feedback and feel supported and heard by the group. Through the group process members discover new ways to cope and grow. They also discover an awareness of how they interact relationally with others and how others perceive them which helps with awareness of one’s own gifts and limitations.


Potential members are interviewed prior to joining the group to make sure that a group experience would benefit them and be in their best interest.

One more thing…

Group members are asked not to socialize with each other outside of group meetings as it is important to maintain the integrity of the group and keep it therapeutic in nature rather than social.


Support groups now forming with a focus on Parenting Teens.

The teen years can be challenging in so many ways. Perhaps your child is academically an overachiever but socially awkward and isolates. Perhaps your teen is very social and grades suffer. Perhaps your teen is experimenting or regularly using drugs and/or alcohol. Is your teen “cutting?” Does your teen seem irritable and angry or withdrawn and sensitive? The list can go on and on but with the support of other parents struggling with similar issues comes an opportunity to explore your feelings and emotions as a loving parent and learn how to help you and your teen thrive.

Please email if you are interested in taking part in a group experience that can be very rich and rewarding.



New Support Group Now Forming
Navigating Midlife Challenges: Realizing Your Full Potential

A Process Group for Women

Midlife can be a time of challenge. Whether you are dealing with parenting issues, relationship struggles, divorce, menopause, aging, health issues, the empty nest or any other stressor CONSIDER that midlife can also represent a unique opportunity to grow, evolve and thrive in ways we never thought possible…

Through a safe connection with other women we can learn to open our hearts more, trust our abilities and inner voice and realize our full potential. Co-facilitated by Mary Lussier, MA, MFT and Eleanor Moreh, PSYD.

• 12-week group with option to continue in ongoing process group at the conclusion of the 12 week program.

• $65 per person, per week

We appreciate the opportunity to serve an individual you feel may benefit, as a stand alone treatment or adjunct to their individual therapy.

Call or email us today for more information.

Mary Lussier, MA, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Eleanor Moreh, PSYD
Pegistered Psychological Assistant PSB37493
Supervisor: Jessica Anderen Herzog, PsyD PSY17935

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