“Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together”
– Unknown

Couples Therapy

The desire for emotional connection and a secure, safe bond with our love partner is a basic need. It is in relationship to others that we feel truly seen, heard, known and valued. I work with couples of all ages and sexual orientations to help them achieve a happy, healthy and satisfying relationship. My methods are eclectic drawing on the works of Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused therapy which emphasizes how couples bond and attach, Dr. Aaron Beck which focuses on cognition and CBT based treatments, Dr. John Gottman who identifies destructive behaviors that lead to separation and divorce, and finally Esther Perel and her theories around maintaining sexual desire in a long-term committed relationship.

Areas of experience:

  • Improving communication in all areas of the relationship
  • Improving emotional intelligence/sensitivity to one’s partner
  • Establishing strong emotional bonds
  • Promoting a feeling of emotional safety in the relationship
  • Reducing triggers, emotional reactivity, arguments and feeling misunderstood
  • Fair fighting
  • Resolving conflict at its core
  • Developing empathy for each other, tuning in and toward each other
  • Facilitating differentiation; meaning each partner is a separate human being
  • Unhealthy Dependence vs healthy interdependence
  • Understanding and locating feelings that need to be expressed
  • Healing resentments, disappointment, hurt, pain, anger and betrayals
  • Infidelity in all its forms
  • Sexual desire issues & dysfunction
  • Pornography, love and sex addiction support
  • Considering the children / modeling healthy relationships for them

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